Jockey Jargo Women's Cargo Jogger Scrub Pant 2481

Product Code: 2481

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It's a jogger. It's a cargo. It's a Jargo!  Designed to help you carry all your needed gear while still looking your professional best. Busy shifts are demanding so we took that into account by designing 2 side-hugging curved cargo pockets that keep things in place and prevent items from slipping out of your pockets. We also added 2 hidden front seam pockets for extra flattering storage.

  • Rib knit cuff
  • Elastic waist with drawstring closure.
  • 4 Pockets
  • Vented Leg Openings for Ease of Movement
  • Length 32' Reg, 30" Petite
  • 72/21/7 - Poly/Rayon/Spandex Tri Blend
    Jockey products tend to run a little large



      • Cotton
        • Natural soft feel with high breath ability
        • More prone to shrinkage & wrinkles
        • Light & Cool
        • Hypoallergenic
      • Combed Cotton
        • Same as cotton but made with short fibers for a cleaner more lustrous fabric
      • Polyester
        • High strength & durability
        • Excellent resiliency & abrasion resistance
        • Dries quickly
      • Poly / Cotton Blend
        • Versatile & durable
        • Maintains shape & color
        • Can be stiff initially, but softens quickly
        • Resists wrinkles, pilling, & shrinkage
      • Rayon
        • Silk like fabric made from wood pulp or vegetable matter
        • Comfortable against skin with good moisture absorption
      • Spandex
        • Synthetic fiber made form polyurethane
        • Lightweight & strong
        • Highly elastic & durable
        • Non-absorbant to water & oils
      • X-Static
        • Silver fiber embedded into fabric
        • Anti-Odor and antibacterial fiber

      Types of Weaves

      Twill - Fabric woven into diagonal "ribs" shape for increased durability.

      Heavy Twill - Same as twill but a heavier weight. Similar to blue jeans.

      Poplin - A plain weave that produces and smooth, light, soft, & durable fabric. Similar to a dress shirt.